British Black Golfers is hoping to bring young Black talent into the game

The Voice profiled British Black Golfers (BBG), an organisation aiming to make the sport accessible to Black golfers. But the focus lies with young people. BBG’s founder Ray Nyabola said this:

“For me BBG has been in my head for the best part of a decade if not more. I started thinking about golf and the black community while I was living in Birmingham, a vibrant and mixed community.

I didn’t have the nous to push it forward, so I reached out to other organisations about possibly playing in some of their tournaments. Nothing came of that and then life got in the way […]

From there we’ve just gone from strength to strength, unearthing new golfers more or less every day. We’ve started formulating different conversations with golfers from different communities.”

Other golfers involved with BBG include Julia Regis, Zane Scotland, and Henni Koyack.

Follow their progress on Instagram.

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