Weird MLB Logos

From elephants to friars, here are some of the weirdest logos in MLB history.

We love a cool sports logo. Whether it’s the ice hockey logos of Mexico or the development of Minnesota Vikings’ uniform in the 60s, you have to admire the craftsmanship. But there is an ugly side to sports logo design. MLB looked at some of their strangest logos and in all honesty, ranging from boring to straight up perplexing.

There’s the Dodgers’ old green B from 1937. This is classed as strange because, of course, the Dodgers are synonymous with the colour blue. But a colour change was deemed necessary to change the team’s luck and they went for green. Unfortunately, a big green B did nothing for their performances and they reverted back to blue after one season. And then there’s the short-lived Mercury Mets logo of 1999. It was part of MLB’s infamous Turn Ahead of the Clock promotion that lasted for two years. All but ten teams wore special uniforms in the “future” style and then it died. Thank goodness. My vote for the worst, however, goes to the alternate logo for the Red Sox from 1950-59. Chris Landers described in his article as an “anthropomorphized sock turned it into a slugging Jay Leno caricature”. My initial thoughts were The Crimson Chin from Fairly Odd Parents but that shows the age disparity between us.

Check out the full article on MLB’s Cut 4 website.

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