Roger Federer, to the soundtrack of Flying Lotus

I’m still coming to terms with Federer’s defeat in this year’s Wimbledon quarter-final. It’s not as bad as 2019—seriously, I can’t even think about that for too long—but it was sad to watch as a fan. But rather than wallow completely, I decided to dig into my creative side.

I often associate certain songs with Roger when he’s at grand slams. I even wrote about it. Sometimes it comes up during the tournament, other times it’s right after. This time it came a day after the defeat.

I picked Crust by Flying Lotus because it had a serene grace to it, much like Federer in the 23 years he’s been playing as a professional. It also had a solemn undertone that captured the feeling around him at the moment. Will he retire? Will he play at Wimbledon again? Those questions have been going around for years. I just want him to be alright. He has a remarkable way of bouncing back after defeats (something I’d love to ask him about if I ever got the chance to meet him somehow) but one day, he won’t. That’s my biggest fear.

But until then, you can stream this video I made, splicing together a “homework” edit of Crust and some of Federer’s incredible rallies and shots over the years. I can’t embed it on the page due to a copyright claim so click the link and enjoy!

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