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Shout out to Alice Dearing, the first Black female swimmer to represent Team GB at the Olympics

Alice Dearing qualified for the Tokyo Olympics after finishing fourth in a qualifying event held in Portugal last weekend. That makes her the first Black woman to represent Britain at an Olympics swimming event.

“I’m really happy at being the person to break this barrier […] It’s a really exciting moment for myself and for black history and black culture.”

Alice Dearing to reporters after the confirmation

Only 2 other Black swimmers have ever qualified for the Olympics:

  • Kevin Burns was the first in Montreal 76 (who lost in a swim-off to progress to the semi-final heats of the 100m freestyle)
  • Paul Marshall was the second and last Black male swimmer, who competed in Moscow 1980 in the 100 metre backstroke

More Black British swimmers in all events please!

(via Sky Sports)

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