Questions I'd Ask Roger Federer If I Interviewed Him

Having played tennis for over 20 years, Roger Federer has been asked a lot of questions, some all too often and some were incorrect.

I’ve thought about the kinds of questions I’d ask him if I got the chance to interview my sporting idol and I used to draw a blank. But not anymore. This is my list of fantasy interview questions and I’ll be updating them as they come to me. Roger, if you’re reading this, save your answers for when we meet, okay?

  1. City and country you’ve never visited that you’d like to
  2. Have you ever played a point longer even though you felt you could have ended it sooner?
  3. How did you mentally recover from Wimbledon 2019?
  4. Which ball game have you always wanted to play?
  5. Is there something(s) in particular you learnt from 2013 that has stayed with you forever?

(Photo credit: Roman Boed, CC by 2.0)

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