Rafael Nadal's Perfect Tennis Player

We have a few months to go before we get to clay but Rafael Nadal will fancy his chances in Miami and Indian Wells, especially with last year’s Miami champion, Roger Federer, out until the summer due to knee surgery.

After all, the 19-time grand slam champion is one away from Federer’s all-time slam total and could overtake him if things go his way. Would that make him the perfect tennis player? I’m not opening that can of worms.

But when Rafa sat down with Sport360 at the launch of the Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy in Kuwait, he crafted his idea of the perfect player with elements of different players:

  • Backhand
  • Forehand
  • Serve
  • Heart
  • Shot selection
  • Attitude
  • Vision
  • Fitness
  • Speed

The thumbnail of the video will give away who Rafa selected for each but stream the video below to find out who he picked and why.

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