Publication to Be Named Later: a new sports quarterly

Publication to Be Named Later is an upcoming quarterly publication run by some of the best freelancers, editors, and artists. Most of the writers working on the first issue will be former employees which gives an indication of the quality you should expect.

The theme for Issue #1 is “Resilience” and includes the following writers and topics:

  • Britni de la Cretaz on “girls playing baseball in the farthest reaches of the continent”
  • Richard Johnson on “how college football players are still living with their decisions to take a knee”
  • Kim McCauley on “what USWNT stars risk by having kids”
  • Zito Madu on “Maya Moore and the true definition of ‘resilience'”
  • Spencer Hall on… “something” (direct quote to the Gumroad page)

In terms of style, for those unfamiliar with the above writers (there will be more), expect some deep discussions, streams of consciousness, and “soul-shaking essays, exhaustive reporting and speculative fiction”. Basically, a creative freedom you wouldn’t normally see from a corporate publication.

To help Publication to Be Named Later succeed, you can pledge as little as $1 to get a copy, with further tiers offering the chance to vote for the next theme, early previews, and customised shout outs.

PtBNL have met their initial goal of $30k but a steady stream of pledges will keep them alive and pay all the writers a fair amount so consider a donation if you can.

Pledge to Publication to Be Named Later on Gumroad.

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