The CFS Mystery Kit Box

We love a football shirt at Playrface (especially striped ones). One of the biggest football shirt vendors out there is Classic Football Shirts and today, they announced their latest offer: The Classic Football Shirts Mystery Kit Box.

CFS stocks a wide range of football shirts from around the world—sealed and match-worn—and they also sell socks, shorts, boots, and retro paraphernalia including magazines and posters.

Each Mystery Box includes:

  • 1 x Brand New Shirt (valued at £19.99 or higher) 
  • 1 x Brand New Pair of Shorts 
  • 1 x Brand New Pair of Socks 
  • 1 x Fabric of Football Programme 
  • 9 x Retro Player Cards 
  • 1 x A3 Print 
  • 1 x Classic Magazine / Poster

And the price? Only £39.99.

Grab a mystery box today and get ready for a football shirt surprise.

Update: It’s sold out now but check out the rest of their awesome gear on the main website.

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