Josh Fallon collected data on his daughter’s gymnastic scores to analyze her progress

image credit © Josh Fallon

Parental pride in their children’s sporting achievements manifests in different ways. Some fill trophy cabinets, others build shrines, other shout and scream at officials until they get ejected from stadiums. For designer Josh Fallon, he went down the data route and collected years of his daughter’s scores to compare her results to her opponents.

[…] I thought it’d be an interesting exercise to visualize the scores and see if I could spot any trends. Some of the questions I wanted to answer were: 1) How did her scores change over time?, 2) What other metrics could I come up with beyond scores?, and 3) Could any new metrics be more informative than just the scores?

The data viz is beautiful and he went as far as creating a HTML demo using JSON and JavaScript.

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