Dr. Marlon Moncrieffe on Desire Discrimination Determination — Black Champions in Cycling

Dr. Marlon Moncrieffe is the Principal Lecturer at the School of Education at the University of Brighton and his book, Desire Discrimination Determination — Black Champions in Cycling, came out on 17th August. In it, Moncrieffe provided historical stories of Black cyclists and the barriers they faced and overcame in their careers.

The following is a excerpt from the book, taken from a larger excerpt published on VeloNews:

[…] Racial hostilities in competitive cycling directed at black people in the past in (sic) are alive very much in the present. These oral testimonies show that all levels of the sport, there are white racing cyclists and white people who are incapable of figuring out a way to cope with the appearance of ethnic diversity (black people in particular). And so, by their ignorance they choose abuse this. The black cyclist is made to feel as though he or she has committed an offense by entering the white-dominated world of bike racing.

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