Give us a chance, ref!

TIL: Bristol City hasn’t been awarded a penalty for 65 games or 14 months in calendar time (at the time of writing). It’s such a ludicrous run that a lot of statisticians have gathered to document the occasion. For example, there’s Bristol City Penalty Clock that, as the name suggests, is a ongoing clock showing the time since their last competitive penalty. Last month, The Bristol Post looked at every penalty decision that got turned down to see if they were of merit. In the last match mentioned, against Swansea, they had three possible claims:

Swansea (H)

Three penalty shouts all waved away from the referee. Semenyo is bundled to the ground attempting to shield the ball following a slide tackle from Ben Cabango. The referee claims the defender won the ball but replays showed it was a clumsy challenge.

Verdict: Penalty

The second saw Rob Atkinson taken down from behind with the ball bobbling loose in the area. Looked obvious from first viewing and opinion hasn’t changed after watching the replay.

Verdict: Penalty

Alex Scott was involved in a tussle inside the area, pulled down following a cross before being barged in the chest, resulting in the Swansea defender receiving a yellow card.

Verdict: A claim but would have been soft

I don’t know what to tell you. I hope the drought ends soon. Nobody likes a bemused Nigel Pearson.

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