TIL: Football Manager speedrunning is a thing

I always wondered what a Football Manager speedrun would be like and after a quick YouTube search, I discovered that people have been doing them for at least a year. The most common category is %Fired which involves getting fired the quickest. In the above video, we see BusinessGooseINC‘s attempt in FM22, which uses a common strategy (or “strat”) of starting a new game as Premier League manager (usually a club like West Ham or Watford), declaring interest in a vacant job, and eventually getting sacked when your board questions your motives. This run took him 24 seconds with West Ham but there have been quicker attempts such as Jives’s 19.08 with Watford, then followed by another BusinessGooseINC’s attempt in 13.23 seconds using Jives’s Watford strat.

Confused? That sounds fair.

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