Soccer release October 2019 Update

Our most popular article to date is our announcement of’s March 2019 Update. The people want 01/02 and they want it updated. And now it is finally here: the October update.

Download the October 2019 CM01/02 update here.

The update team have put together the best update yet with the following features:

  • 30,000+ transfers and loans made since the last update
  • 25,000+ new players and staff added
  • 15,000 players with 36 attributes added that previous have none
  • More balanced AI tactics
  • Some slight variations to AI tactics – a “catch-all” 433, 343 with wingbacks and wingers, 451 is mostly 4141
  • 2019/20 kit colours for 5000+ clubs
  • All squad lists updated for all playable leagues
  • Most playable leagues had CA/PA reviews
  • Major Home Reputation overhaul to update all national team selections
  • Most playable leagues have updated managers
  • Formations updated to reflect real-life selections (where possible)
  • Loans with fees are set future transfers back to their parent clubs
  • Only players at (R) / Reserves with negative or high PA are set to be promoted as future transfers
  • Join dates have been changes to 01.08.200x to reduce the chance of existing players being released
  • 1000’s of clubs removed from unplayable league structures in the DB to improve game speed

If you need an installation guide, you can find it on the forums. The good news is the update is compatible with Tapani 2.21. the bad news is you can’t use any previous Saturn patches (according to the thread, there’ll be a specific Saturn patch in the coming week).

It’s important to note the champman0102 community is publicly funded. The money goes towards server costs and other related fees and everyone in the Update Team keeps the game up-to-date as a hobby. So if you can, consider donating by pressing the Donate Now button on the home page.

And if you need the game itself, you can either buy a physical copy or download it for free on their website.

Otherwise, head to the download page for the October 2019 update on and enjoy!

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