Breaking The Lines asks if Karim Benzema is (currently) the best player in the world

For any other player at any other club, scoring over 300 goals would have you down as the greatest in that club’s history. But while Karim Benzema is certainly a legend at Real Madrid, he doesn’t get anywhere near the same level of recognition as Cristiano Ronaldo (naturally), Raúl (naturally, although Benzema could very well knock him off 2nd spot in the all-time goalscorer table), and arguably a few others such as Di Stefano and Puskas.

Breaking The Lines put that into question and brought with it a bold question: is he currently the best player in the world?

It is amazing how the 34-year-old has picked up an incredible form in the twilight of his career; just when you would expect him to be on a rapid decline such as his age mates Edinson Cavani or Luis Suarez, he seems to be getting better and better.

He is still in top shape physically, and there isn’t any obvious evidence of a drop in his pace as he is even as mobile as ever and maintains great off-the-ball movement. If Karim can stay fit and avoid injuries, he could still play top-level football for the next two to three years comfortably.

It seems wild to call someone underrated after scoring 339 goals in 681 games for club and country but I feel like he is on the whole. Let’s see what he comes up with in 2022 for Real and France at the FIFA World Cup.

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