Black Spin Global celebrates black excellence in pro tennis

Wimbledon starts tomorrow but it needn’t be “all white”. Eugene Allen is the founder and chief editor of Pitching It Black, a media company “focused on highlighting black soccer players and coaches in Europe”. In 2018, he began a collaboration with The Black Soccer Membership Association on US and UK events. That’s fantastic on its own but Eugene has also branched out into tennis with Black Spin Global.

Currently, Black Spin Global only has a Twitter account but it does what it says – “celebrating black excellence in professional tennis”. Tweeted images are in black and white and every tweet follows a tailored format. I’m a sucker for that kind of disciplined style and any promotion of athletes of colour – especially when they’re black athletes.

With Coco Gauff’s debut in the Wimbledon main draw against none other than 5-time champion Venus Williams and Paul Jubb’s wildcard at Eastbourne, it’s been a great season for upcoming black tennis players. There are strong players on both sides on the draw, such as Sloane Stephens, and Black Spin Global (and Playrface) will be at hand to show you how they do.

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