Bikevibe: the cycling culture journal

Whenever I visit Café du Cycliste in Nice, I check out their selection of magazines and journals. I’m not a cycling enthusiast but I like the aesthetic (same with snowboarding and skateboarding) and I love magazines anyway.

On my internet travels, I spotted one that piqued my interest called Bikevibe, a Norwegian-based journal “documenting cycling culture in cities all over the world”. At the time of writing, there have been 9 issues including this year’s, covering the following cities:

  • Bikevibe Tokyo: Volume One – Spring 2015
  • Bikevibe Oslo: Volume Two – Fall 2015
  • Bikevibe Portland: Volume Three – Spring 2016
  • Bikevibe Milan: Volume Four – Fall 2016
  • Bikevibe London: Volume Five – Spring 2017
  • Bikevibe New York: Volume Six – Fall 2017
  • Bikevibe Paris: Volume Seven – Spring 2018
  • Bikevibe Lisbon: Volume Eight – Spring 2019
  • Bikevibe Helsinki: Volume Nine – Summer 2020

Since 2018, Bikevibe has been published annually and the site is packed full of stories from those cities about cyclists, equipment, races, and the stores that supply them.

Grab a copy from your nearest stockists (fortunately, there’s one in my city) or Bikevibe’s distributor, Antenne Books.

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