Ascot Manor: A Tennis Apparel Brand Owned By Black Women

Black women are trailblazers in tennis on the court and off and Ascot Manor is a fine example of that. The tennis apparel brand is Black female owned and exists “to help highly-skilled under-resourced junior players with apparel and sponsorship towards playing competitively ranked tennis”.

Its line caters for men, women, and teens and sponsors players on the lower tiers, covering costs for:

  • Local transportation
  • Tennis academies
  • Coaching
  • Equipment
  • Apparel
  • Tournament fees

“The inspiration behind Ascot Manor designs lies in the athletes themselves: how they move on the court, what are the issues they may have with regular activewear. I combined my feel of aesthetic with my technical designer background in order to create highly functional, structured, and aesthetically pleasing athletic performance pieces.”

Kareen Borgella, Ascot Manor Executive Designer from a press release

Founder Ahlilah Longmire is hopeful that once tennis reopens in a safer environment, Ascot Manor can continue to make a difference and give junior players a chance to thrive.

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