The Xi’an International Football Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled its designs for the 60,000-seater Xi’an International Football Centre in China. The centre will host the 2023 AFC Asian Cup as well as various soccer matches, concerts and cultural events.

Minimum load and material footprint are achieved through the use of an ultra-lightweight long span cable-net roof structure. To face Xi’an’s hot continental summer climate, a “wide perimeter roof overhangs shelter facilities within the building’s envelope while the large, shaded, open-air terraces and public concourses incorporate extensive planting on all levels”. In addition, a translucent membrane over the seating protects spectators from extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight, while allowing an abundance of natural light in the project.

The architecture firm is no stranger to China having built the Guangzhou Opera House, Galaxy SOHO, and the Beijing Daxing International Airport terminal building.

(via Arch Daily)

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