Uni Watch on the best and worst kits of the 2022-23 Premier League season

I’ve seen so many Premier League season previews over the years but never one on shirts (not because they don’t exist but because I just never followed publications that did them). Uni Watch bucked that trend this season with a best and worst kits list for the 2022-23 Premier League season. Here’s what they said about three teams:

Manchester City: 🔥

Home: The defending champs will sport light blue at home, of course. It’s a solid color scheme, but the centered crest and Puma logo look awkward in the 2022-23 version of this kit. The trimming on the collar and cuffs matches in color but not ratio. The white stripe on the cuff is much thicker than the white pinstripe on the collar, and that’s awkward.

Away: A red and black color scheme miles ahead of Bournemouth’s. Good colors, boring design, though.

Third: No confirmed third kit, but they’ll likely have one.

Manchester United: 🔥🔥

Home: In one word: weird. Of course, it’s going to be red, but the three black shoulder stripes clash hard with a white collar that has…triangles?

Away: Clean look made dirty with the gaudy black shield around the team crest. Points for the V-neck design. Huge points for the diamonds found on the collar and cuffs.

Third: No confirmed third kit, but they’ll likely have one.

Nottingham Forest: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Home: Another version of solid red but with character. Like Liverpool, this jersey has some toned-down texture and design woven into the solid red color scheme. It’s a clean, clean look.

Away: These are some of my favorite away kits in the Premier League this season. Huge points for the green and yellow sleeve design on an otherwise solid yellow shirt. The blue shorts being trimmed with the same pattern as the jersey’s sleeves give the kit a nice symmetry. As a friend of mine said, these could perhaps be one of the best kits in the league if they didn’t belong to Nottingham Forest.

Third: No confirmed third kit.

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