The three records Roger Federer is likely to maintain

Disclaimer: this is very much a Federer fan post (more so than the others I’ve published). While it won’t be devoid of objectivity, the balance is tipped in the opposite direction here!

Disclaimer #2: I generally hate The Daily Express, as a publication and for its tennis coverage because it regularly posts salacious stuff and it’s often inaccurate and doesn’t get corrected, all with the aim of “being first”. However, I agree with the points made in this particular article. I know I didn’t need to say any of that but whatever.

With all the talk about Rafael Nadal’s historic 14th Roland Garros title and going 2 slams past Djokovic and Federer, Charlie Malam looked at 3 Federer records that Rafa and Novak are unlikely to break. Here’s one of them—grand slam wins:

It is unlikely the veteran will ever be level with the Spaniard again. But Nadal and Djokovic may never surpass Federer’s sensational tally of Grand Slam match wins. Federer has won 369 times at majors, with Djokovic on 327 and Nadal on 305.

For context, Nadal would need to win all seven matches at nine different Slams just to get to 368 wins at majors. Djokovic is the most likely to exceed Federer as he would needs (sic) to win all seven matches at six Slams to join Federer on 369, though even that is a big ask.

Even if Nadal is the (male) GOAT in everyone’s eyes (and that would be fair given the numbers!), I still hold onto the legacy numbers for Federer, even if it’s superficial and silly and arguably arbitrary. Regardless, his legacy will remain intact just as Nadal’s and Djokovic’s.

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