The Pantone colours of English football grounds

What do Stone Island and C.P. Company have in common? Massimo Osti. The late Italian designer’s brands adorn thousands of fans every week even after his death in 2005. Stone Island has become synonymous with football fans thanks to that famous patch.

Together with Dutch brand Lack of Guidance, C.P. Company’s has created the Colour Stories project. It’s a series looking at the different colours within football culture and how they’ve influenced fans and vice versa.

Young British men have been bringing their sense of style to football terraces since the Teddy Boys in the 1950s. And while the first hints of casual culture can probably be seen by the smartly dressed, mod-inspired supporters of West Ham United and Chelsea in the 1960s; it was in the late 1970s that saw casual culture begin to morph into what it is widely recognized as today.

Text by: Lack of Guidance

There are only 20 Pantone colours – one for each Premier League club of 2018/19 – but they look it’s nice to see them all condensed into singular colours, side-by-side. It’s interesting to see how little variation there is in colour amongst the teams. Red and blue make up over half the colours in the league.

That being said, anyone wanting to paint a room for their child (or themselves) can take these Pantone colours to their local B&Q or Homebase and get the colour of their team.

Check out Colour Stories on C.P. Company website.

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