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Montell Douglas and Mica McNeill: bobsledding at Beijing 2022

Glorious interviewed Montell Douglas and Mica McNeill of Team GB’s two-woman bobsleigh team. Montell Douglas was originally a sprinter and the former British record holder for the 100 metres but joined British Bobsleigh in 2016. She is also the first Briton to compete at both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Mica McNeill has been a bobsledder since 2010 and won a silver medal at the 2012 Youth Olympics and competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

“It’s the Marmite of sport; you either love it or hate it,” says brakeman Montell. “Some people go down the track for the first time and can’t wait to get back in the sled. Others try it and are like, ‘Get me out of this thing, I am never coming back.’” Most first-timers dip their toe into the sport by trying a taxi-bob, a four-person racing bobsled that lets you experience the stomach-churning feeling of sledding at top speed in the total safety of an expert driver and brakeman. “Basically, if you’re not a fan of the taxi-bob, there’s no way you’ll want to try what we do,” she laughs.

Good luck to both of them as they start their campaign tomorrow in Heat 1 (12pm GMT)

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