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McLaren enters Extreme E

I hadn’t watched Extreme E since the inaugural race but caught some of it during the Season 2 opener in Saudi Arabia. It also marked the debut of McLaren:

More well known for its participation in F1, Indianapolis 500, Can-Am championships and Le Mans, Extreme E plots a bold new course in the direction of McLaren Racing, but it one that has been mapped with the future very much in mind.

“It’s been 10 years since we [McLaren] gained carbon neutral status and we have set ourselves a goal of being NetZero by 2030, so you can see quickly how racing – in an all-new type of racing with sustainability absolutely at the heart of it – supports the wider agenda for McLaren Racing,” said Mark Grain, sporting director, McLaren Extreme E. “We do believe [Extreme E] will be an accelerator for that process, but also we think that this is going to bring a whole new generation of fans into to McLaren Racing as well.”

(via The Engineer)

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