Lindsey Walker on The Rapha Women’s 100

Glorious spoke to cyclist Lindsey Walker about her passion for cycling, The Rapha Women’s 100, and what it means for female cyclists around the world:

Women often report that they feel “intimidated” on the roads, or that they don’t feel safe – making them hesitant to start, or restart cycling. But the cycling gender gap doesn’t have to exist. For the past 10 years British cycling brand Rapha has championed women’s cycling – challenging thousands of women around the world to ride 100 kilometres in one day. They call it the ‘Women’s 100’. “The Women’s 100 is a chance for female cyclists to meet other women, come together, share the road and ride 100k,” explains cyclist and former Rapha employee Lindsey Walker. “You could be riding in a group or on your own, but you know hundreds of other women are riding together and you’re a part of something special.”

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