It's Championship Manager 97/98, in book form

I’ve had Dave Black on the blog before (read This or That #2: Dave Black aka @CM9798) and if you didn’t already know, he has a book out called ‘The World According to Championship Manager 97/98’. Here’s the blurb:

Football is full of what if’s and if only’s. What if Gazza had gone to World Cup 98? If only Beckham hadn’t flicked that leg at Simeone. These are just two things England fans mused over as the World Cup 1998 dream died all too soon. If only we could go back and change things… This book is not a time machine, but it will take you back to 1997 to allow you to prepare for Paris all over again. By prepare, I of course mean ‘play through a season on CM1997/98 and be England manager for the World Cup.’ Hindsight really is a wonderful thing. So, will Arsenal win the double in this alternative universe? Can England go beyond the last 16 in France? Is Christian Gross a great appointment for Spurs after all? Wonder no more – stick some Oasis on and grab a Sunny Delight, it’s the 90s again.

97/98 was one of the first Championship Manager games I ever played so it holds a special place in my heart. Grab a copy on Amazon and leave a review when you’re done.

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