Inzajeano Latif's photo series on the challenges faced by young British South Asian footballers

A boy sitting with his football trophies
Ayan © Inzajeano Latif

Inzajeano Latif is a UK photographer, raised in Bradford and Tottenham, and his latest photo series looks at British South Asian footballers and the challenges they face in the midst of underrepresentation in the sport:

British South Asian representation in professional football remains alarmingly low, with only 115 South Asian players out of 14,984 across the four divisions, comprising just 0.77% of the total. This is despite South Asians making up 8% of the UK population. The Kick it Out campaign’s Sanjay Bhandari states that this underrepresentation indicates a systemic problem in football culture and calls on the FA, Premier League, and club scouts to do more to eliminate bias and stereotypes.

I had the opportunity to spend time with the Clarksfield & Glodwick FC under 13s football team in Oldham. I saw firsthand the coaches’ and parents’ determination and support to nurture the young players and overcome the obstacles they face. These portraits, taken in the players’ homes with their families present, remind us that we all have hopes and ambitions and that nothing should stand in the way of equal opportunities.

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