Football boots of the day: Nike Mercurial Vapor I SG

The football boots I wanted more than anything were the Nike Mercurial Vapors from 2002. But not just any pair—the bronze ones. They were the OGs made from the lightest and strongest material at the time and a unique sole plate made from a lighter plastic. They looked like chocolate, they were shiny, and I loved them.

The Vapor looked to supercars for where it could improve on its predecessor. What Nike came up with was a boot like no other: it looked like it was made of fibre-glass rather than leather. It had added comfort but still retained the lightness and speed of previous versions.

This one came in a variety of colours. Black, bronze and silver/red versions were popular, while R9 had a silver/volt pair for the 2002 World Cup. 

via FourFourTwo (I actually saw them for the first time in their magazine back in 2002!)

Alas, I never got a pair as they were way too expensive and the pair I found online are even dearer at $699.99. Ah well. It’s not like I play football now anyway.

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