Counter Attack: the new football game for the kitchen table

There’s a new football game in town and its name is Counter Attack. It’s a 2-player strategy game you can play anywhere you can plonk a table. Fans who watch football on TV and wonder how managers come up with their tactical ideas will thrive on Counter Attack. What’s more, it’s open to players of any age.

“More than anything, I wanted the managers to be in charge of all decisions on the pitch, and I wanted it to feel like football.”

Colin Webster

The idea was created by fan and father-of-three Colin Webster. With the help of his girlfriend, Counter Attack is the culmination of months of work. The physical game includes dice, sand timers, a distance stick, “balls” (in the shape of hockey puck-like disks), 35 player cards, and a rulebook.

The obvious comparison to make is with Subbuteo. How could you not? It’s football on table. But this is so different. You use cards to control “every single action on the pitch”. Players decide the optimal way to use their squads to gain an advantage. It’s an amalgamation of the best football simulations and table-top gaming: Football Manager, football trading cards, Subbuteo, and an element of D&D. After all, football is full of folklore.

The Kickstarter has already been met but you can still pledge and win yourself a reward. Check it out below.

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