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Café du Cycliste on Mont Ventoux

The riders at Cafe du Cycliste travelled to Mont Ventoux in the south of France. But due to the snowy conditions, the bikes were swapped for skis on this trip.

On July 7th, Wout van Aert hurtled down the north face of Mont Ventoux on the descent to Malaucène and raised both arms in victory after having climbed the “Giant of Provence” twice in the same day on this gruelling stage of the Tour de France. On that day, the sun had bathed the spectators in its warmth. Thousands of cyclists had climbed the roads of Ventoux to watch the peloton pass by in those hot days of July.

Like polar opposites, on this winter morning, when we pass through Malaucène, the sun has not yet risen. So 15km higher up at the car park at Mont Serin, one of two ski resorts in Ventoux, we put on our touring skis. On a bike, ascending the Ventoux from the Malaucène side is a classic route, but the experience is a little more unique on skis.

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