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Speed skiing and its limited Olympic history

A Speed skiier on the snow

CNN took a trip down memory lane with a look at the dangerous sport of speed skiing, a demonstration sport at the Winter Olympics in Albertville 1992 which has yet to make it into another Games in any capacity and remains a niche form of skiing with an ability to injure competitors:

[…] The dangers of motorsports do not need outlining, but at the very least, drivers are dressed to minimize damage. McLaren’s F1 driver’s overalls for example — made from a heat and flame resistant fiber — can resist exposure to direct fire for 15 seconds, supported by flame-resistant boots and gloves.

Speed skiers are afforded no such protection. With clothing designed for speed and speed alone, crash injuries can be horrific. Concussions, broken arms and legs — the diagnoses are endless, but friction burning is the most commonplace injury.

You won’t be seeing speed skiing in Beijing, likely due to its lack of popularity and the danger it poses to participants, particularly on the fake snow that they’ve been ploughing in. But the uniforms look so cool.

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