International Superstar Soccer Deluxe on the SNES but it's very broken

I’ll let Marcokarty explain this remarkable video:

When watching sports, you’re usually prepared for the unexpected. But what happens when it verges into the outright impossible?

In this superplay, watch in awe as a team is forced to score on its own goal (“OH NO! OWN GOAL!?”), the scoreboard mysteriously records extra goals that were never scored (and even rolls backwards at one point), and the very laws of physics themselves seem to get completely broken.

I’m familiar TAS (tool assisted speedruns) and the International Superstar Soccer series on the SNES but I didn’t think any of this was possible outside of cheat cartridges. And Brazil beating Argentina 100-0? (Or was it 0-0 draw since it overflowed? Who the hell knows?)

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