Dennis Rodman and his former coin-collecting agent

As a professional athlete, it’s important pick the right person to be your agent. Dennis Rodman decided to pick Dwight Manley over other agents with big clients as Bryan Hood wrote in his interview with Manley for Robb Report:

Rodman may have been the NBA’s most mercurial figure, but there was a good reason why he chose to work with Manley. The noted numismatist (the term for the coin and medal enthusiasts) may not have represented any other big-name athletes, but he had earned Rodman’s friendship and trust in the years since they had first crossed paths in Las Vegas in the early ’90s. Plus, as Manley put it, “It just seemed like whenever I was around him—whenever he was staying at the house—I found things that made him money off the court.”

And they’re still in regular contact:

Did being Dennis’s friend make it easier for you to see this side of him that others weren’t aware of?

For sure. Absolutely. Behind the scenes, real person, he is a big, lovable kid.

Are you still in touch?

He’s been over twice in the last five days.

How is he reacting to being back in the spotlight?

I think he feels very good about it. I got a call two days ago from Jesse Jackson; he wanted to talk to Dennis. Then we were having a three-way call and Jesse said, look, Michael and Phil have said you are the reason this all happened. And they want to get you your due. It’s elevated. Actually, it’s expanded the amount of people that now know what insiders already did know.

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