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Best places to surf in Mexico

BookSurfCamps compiled a list of places to surf in Mexico (should it be safe for you to travel there).

With 5,797 miles (9,330 km) of coastline, Mexico is a true paradise for water sports lovers. However, the best surf can be found on its Pacific coastline, which is 4,560 miles (7,338 km) long and dotted with firing point breaks and barreling beach breaks. There are plenty of beginner-friendly beaches, as well as some huge waves to be found here. Overall, Mexico is a great place to get barreled. A lot!

I’ve never surfed nor have I visited Mexico but I can only imagine how awesome it would be to watch (I’m not a great swimmer so surfing is off the cards for me). On the plus side, if you just fancy a dip in the sea, the water is quite warm:

The crystal-clear azure waters of Mexico are warm all year round in most regions except the northern ones. Water temperatures stay around 80° F (26 ° C) in Central and Southern Mexico, but they can drop below 70 ° F (21° C) during winter months in Baja California.

(image credit: Mario Chavez via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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