Alexandre Pato on Alexandre Pato

Outside of autobiographies, you rarely get candid personal life accounts in the media but Brazil’s Alexandre Pato gave us one for The Players’ Tribune:

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve heard it for 10 years.

“What happened to Pato?”

“Why did Pato not win the Ballon d’Or?”

“Why was Pato always injured?”

Pah. I should have answered these questions long ago, man. There were so many rumours, especially in Milan. I partied too much. I had no desire. I was living in a fantasy world. But when I wanted to speak, I was told to “focus on my football.” I was too young to disagree. 

Really, I was just a kid.

So I think it’s time to put things right. I’m 32 now. I’m happy. I’m fit. I’m not bitter about anything or anyone. If you want to believe the rumours, I’m not here to change your mind. 

But if you want to hear what really happened, then listen up, brother. 

Good for him!

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