Top Football Transfers

This list involves ten players with the biggest transfers in footballing history. Should Neymar’s transfer goes through, it’ll be the new world record transfer fee. The percentage increase peters out with more than two transfers as to be expected. Di Maria is the only player to have his value decrease.

(Apologies in advance for incorrect transfer figures)


Santos > Barcelona (€57.1m)

Barcelona > PSG (€222m) (+388.79%)

Paul Pogba

Le Havre > Man Utd (?)

Man Utd > Juventus (£0)

Juventus > Man Utd (£89.25m)

Gareth Bale

Southampton > Spurs (£7m)

Spurs > Real Madrid (£85.1m) (+1215.71%)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Sporting Club de Lisbon > Man Utd (£12.24m)

Man Utd > Real Madrid (£80m) (+653.59%)

Gonzalo Higuaín

River Plate > Real Madrid (12m)

Real Madrid > Napoli (€40m) (+333.33%)

Napoli > Juventus (€90m) (+225%)

Romelu Lukaku

Anderlecht > Chelsea (£17m)

Chelsea > Everton (£28m) (+164.7%)

Everton >Man Utd (£75m) (+267.86%)

Luis Suárez

Nacional > Groningen (£680k)

Groningen > Ajax (£6.38m) (+938.24%)

Ajax > Liverpool (£22.8m) (+357.37%)

Liverpool > Barcelona (£64.98m) (+285%)

James Rodríguez

Envigado >Banfield (£238k)

Banfield > Porto (£6.25m) (+2626.05%)

Porto > Monaco (£38.25m) (+612%)

Monaco > Real Madrid (£63.75m) (+166.67%)

Ángel Di María

Rosario > Benfica (£6.80m)

Benfica > Real Madrid (£28.05m) (+412.5%)

Real Madrid > Man Utd (£63.75m) (+227.27%)

Man Utd > PSG (£53.55m) (-16%)

Kevin De Bruyne

Genk > Chelsea (£6.80m)

Chelsea > Wolfsburg (£18.23m) (+268.09%)

Wolfsburg > Man City (£62.90m) (+345.04%)

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