Fedication: Tennis Fan Makes Video of Roger’s 1000 Best Shots

What could you do in 250 hours? This Swiss tennis fan decided to make a video for his favourite player who just happens to be the male GOAT.

Roger Federer had the mother of all comebacks in 2017 and to celebrate that renaissance, Raz Ols dedicated nearly 10.5 days of editing to create a video of Roger’s 1000 best shots. Now, with any compilation, there’ll be some debate over what should or shouldn’t be there but you can’t go wrong with 1000 shots to choose from. There have been countless words written about Roger Federer and his emphatic career but they pale in comparison to watching him play.

Sit back and enjoy 2 hours of the greatest male tennis player of all time.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the video was taken down so here are 100 shots instead.

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