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Happy Birthday Eurosport! Promos from 1990 (VIDEO)

Eurosport has come on leaps and bounds since it started on 5th February 1989. Here are some promos from their first birthday. I’m a nerd for 90s TV adverts and idents. Although the 00s were my teenage years, I still remember the 90s fondly as a young child. I only had cable TV until I […]

10 Sports Writers You Should Follow

10 Sports Writers You Should Follow On Twitter

It all started with a simple question that I didn’t answer properly. I was asked – and I’m paraphrasing now – what writers did I always read when I saw their articles. I only gave one name at the time (and he features in this list) and drew a blank. It wasn’t until much later […]


The Luckiest Strike Ever

Sometimes, a gutter ball isn’t truly a gutter ball as this bowler shows. I’ve always wanted this to happen to me but while I wait, I can bask in someone else’s glory. The bowler’s throw landed right in the gutter and as far as everyone was concerned, that was the end of the round. But […]

This or That

This or That #1: Jon Mackenzie

In our new series “This or That”, we ask the important questions to a variety of people in sport. Our first volunteer is sports writer Jon Mackenzie.