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This story is courtesy of ODNK, our official Football Manager channel. All characters involved are real but the story is entirely fictional. A big thanks to Huw Davies for the title.



In the previous edition, we saw Strasbourg finish in a comfortable 8th. But what about Season #2? Here’s what happened.


Let’s see how the first season went!


Arsèned Of Nowhere: Part II Transfers

Arsèned Of Nowhere: Part II Transfers

A lot happened with personnel changes. Every position needed backup or replacement and I was grateful for the money to do it, thanks to low wages and lack of spending last season.

Arsèned Of Nowhere: Part II Transfers

Arsèned Of Nowhere: Part II Transfers

I also brought in some new scouts. Onandi Lowe left during his contract so we got some compensation back.


Ligue 1

I’m a few seasons ahead so I forgot to take a photo of the final table. We finished a place lower than last time, but ended with one more win, one more defeat, and one more point. It was a frustrating season and there was a lot of difficulty finding the right formation for the players. Perhaps the players needed time to gel (more on that later), I don’t know. Either way, I exceeded the board’s expectations so there was no fear of losing my job.

Le Coupes

I gave the cups a chance this season and managed to get to the Quarter Finals of the Coupe de France. Wins included Épinal, Sochaux, and Montpellier. The Coupe de la Ligue run was no different, ending at the Ro16.


Again, I forgot to take screenshots but here’s how some of the new additions did:

  • Belony Dumas – 21 appearances, 7 goals, 5 assists, 1 MoMs, average: 7.19
  • Raphaël Delvigne – 35(1) appearances, 1 goal, 5 assists, 2 MoMs, average: 7.53
  • Ali M’Madi – 39 appearances, 21 goals, 5 assists, 3 MoMs, average: 7.41
  • Menno Koch – 11 appearances, 2 assists, average: 7.18
  • Max Dittgen – 35 appearances, 6 goals, 5 assists, 2 MoMs, average: 7.26
  • Mamadou Diawara – 29 appearances, 9 goals, 9 assists, 2 MoMs, average: 7.28
  • Montrose Phinn – 34(1) appearances, 9 goals, 2 assists, 1 MoMs, average: 7.03
  • Mario Kvesic – 20(5) appearances, 8 goals, 5 assists, 4 MoMs, average: 7.24

It was a bit hit and miss overall but these guys were key in the matches I did win. I’d managed Delvigne at Fréjus on an old save and he was always a reliable DMC then. M’Madi was the top scorer and a great freebie. I was also impressed by Max Dittgen in the AMC role, despite being a winger.

Et maintenant?

Not all the transfers worked out but a fair few did and all in the right areas. It allowed me to formulate a better team for next season, give some of the newbies a second chance or replace them where necessary. Defence was clearly an issue so that would need further bolstering. I wasn’t happy with the overall finish but there were positives.

Join me for Part Three!

(original shirt taken from Instagram)


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